Only four nations support Russia as the UN opposes annexations in Ukraine.

Only Four countries voted against Vladimir Putin's government. The General Assembly of the U.N. has rejected Russia's move to illegally annex four regions of Ukraine,

143 nations supported Ukraine's motion, which underlined the need to both defend the U.N. charter and the sovereignty of a nation that has now resisted a Russian invasion for more than seven months. There were 35 abstentions.

Vote Scoreboard!

Vote Scoreboard!

143 U.N. delegates voted to denounce Russia's attempt to forcibly take territory from Ukraine.

Only Belarus and Nicaragua publicly opposed a resolution that asks nations to reject Russia's claim over the areas of Ukraine, joining Syria and North Korea.

India, which has relied on Russia for a sizable portion of its oil needs, and many African countries, where grain from Russia and the Ukraine is a crucial commodity, were among the other nations that stayed away.

China and Cuba, two steadfast Russian allies, did not participate in the vote on Wednesday, sticking to the stances they have held on Ukraine-related issues ever since Russia began its full-scale campaign in February.

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