Types of Instagram Hashtags You Should Know

Using the right hashtag on your Instagram social media post can help to get more engagement.

There are many types of hashtags that you may not know. But you need to use it in your Instagram hashtag strategy to get more likes and followers.

Well, you all know hashtags are the free method to advertise on Instagram and reach more audiences without spending a single penny. So today in this article you will find a complete guide on the Types of Instagram hashtags.

Types of Instagram Hashtags

Niche Hashtags

If you want to target a more specific audience on Instagram with less competition then Niche Hashtag is for you. Niche hashtag has low competition and fewer posts and followers. It helps to reach your post to a more specific audience.

For example, I have attached an Instagram post that has 3 niche hashtags which to make the post more specific to the audience. The niche Hashtag used in this post is #LashTalk and #Mascara so it specifies that the post is regarding mascara. 

Niche Hashtags

Industry Hashtags

Industry Hashtag is the top hashtag that has a very big audience with high competition. Most people use this type of hashtag on their post so there are hundreds of posts uploaded every minute by tagging this hashtag. UpHashtag recommends you use 3 Industry hashtags on your Instagram post.

For example, We have attached an Instagram post that has a group of  Industry hashtags like #love and #lovenature, etc if we just check the stats of #love there are more than 2,147,483,647 posts posted on this hashtag, and the number gets increases every minute.

Industry hashtags

Community Hashtags

Instagram is the best place to either build a community or join a community. A Community Hashtag is basically like a niche hashtag with less competition and more specific to the niche. 

For example, We have attached an Instagram post that has 1 Community hashtag #urbanjunglebloggers. The hashtag used in this post is to specify the plant and her house of botanical to their community. The post has only one hashtag and it specifies the account name and the plant.

Community Hashtags

Brand Hashtag

Every brand has its own hashtag which might include its brand name or tagline. The perfect way to target the Brand Hashtag audience is to get featured by the brand. Brand hashtags are the best option to make a new connection.

For example, We have attached an Instagram post that has 2 Brand hashtags #AmazonPrimeDay and #JoinPrimeNow. This hashtag used in this post is to create awareness of the event of Amazon Prime Day.

Brand Hashtag

Location Hashtags

Location Hashtag is used to target audience location-based. Some location hashtags might have low competition and some might have difficult competition depending on the popularity of the location. Location Hashtag can be the best option to promote your local business.

For example, We have attached an Instagram post that has Various Location hashtags like #rajasthantourism,  #tourismindia, etc. These hashtags used in these posts are to specify the portrait of Rajasthan which include country and state hashtag.

Location Hashtag


These were the types of hashtags that are available on Instagram with the help of it you can make a strong hashtag strategy. A correct group of hashtags can help to reach your post to the correct audience and get a  good engagement.

If you don’t have time to research and find out the best hashtag. So here we are UpHashtag team research and provide you with a perfect group of hashtags for your post.

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