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Free Baby Name Generator

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for a new baby is choosing the perfect name for the baby.

So, Our UpHashtag Free Baby Name Generator is here to make the process easier when choosing a unique name for your baby. With thousands of names to choose from, Our Baby Name Generator also allows you to narrow down your options by gender, first letter, and popularity.

Until you find the perfect name, you can come up with as many as you need. Following the discovery of your favourite names, you may begin shortlisting them and talking with your partner and loved ones about them.

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Disclaimer:- None of the information or data you provide into the baby name generator tool is saved. It makes an effort to select the ideal names for your child.

Unquie Baby Names

The names included in the following tables are uncommon and unique baby names.
Baby Name Meaning
Lyra This name is of Greek origin and means "lyre player." It gained popularity after being featured in the popular His Dark Materials series.
Atlas This name is of Greek origin and means "bearer of the heavens." It's a strong and unique name that has been growing in popularity.
Orion This name is of Greek origin and means "son of fire." It's a strong and unique name that is perfect for a baby boy.
Aurora This name is of Latin origin and means "dawn." It's a beautiful and unique name with a lovely meaning.
Niamh This name is of Irish origin and means "radiance, lustre." It's a beautiful and unique name with a lovely meaning.


Yes, using a free baby name generator is safe. For instance, our generator is made to provide you a list of possible baby names depending on your choices. You can use it as many times as necessary until you find the ideal name; no personal information is required.


It’s simple to use a free baby name generator. Hit the “create” button after entering your preferences, such as gender, First Letter, and Popularity. You’ll receive a list of probable baby names from our generator that fit your requirements. From there, pick your top choices and begin shortlisting.


Yes, our free baby name generator has a vast database of names, including unique names. You can use the option to search for specific types of names or browse through the generated list to find the one that speaks to you.